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"Great leaders don't see themselves as great. Great leaders seem themselves as human."

- Simon Sinek

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, obtaining a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and a Minor in English Literature. Her eye for detail, fascination for all things artistic, and team-oriented personality has served her well in the communications field.     


Taylor is from the picturesque town of Doylestown and has lived there her entire life. She has been fortunate enough to have Philadelphia in her “backyard” which has given her the privilege of having a small town environment but the city opportunities at her fingertips.


From the early age of eight years old, Taylor has been performing and singing in front of large crowds. Her passion for the arts, music and acting have been what keeps her mind sharp and soul happy. Growing up singing and performing was a huge part of Taylor’s life. She had a knack for connecting with all kinds of people from old to young; she hoped that others would be inspired by what she performed. Since learning that connecting and adapting to all different kinds of people was what she enjoyed, this is what drove Taylor to want to pursue a Bachelors degree in Communications.


Words are powerful, and writing is a universal language, bringing together people of all different backgrounds. Words evoke emotion and can transport you to another place, Taylor is fascinated by language and the beauty of it, thus her minor in English Literature. She reads everything from labels on a cereal box to the sonnets by Shakespeare. Her love for reading and writing is ever growing.


While her career is just getting started, she is eager to continue to gain knowledge to contribute to her future career paths. And she is excited about the adventure that lies ahead.  

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