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"As the Chamber's 42nd intern, Taylor Trail continued a long-standing history of talented young professionals. Typical of our internship program, Taylor's responsibilities were varied in nature. Many projects required a great deal of creativity and the ability to work independently, as well as, in a team setting. She met each project goal with enthusiasm and displayed excellent critical thinking skills. The ease, in which she interacted with not only staff, but Chamber members as well, was exemplary. She consistently exhibited an eagerness to learn new skills while showcasing her abilities. Throughout her internship, Taylor would take an innovative approach to problem solving and provided great feedback when solicited. In our fast-paced environment, dependability is paramount to the success of our programs. Taylor would take great pride in her assignments and would follow-through with each until its completion. I feel Taylor's enthusiasm; work ethics and innovation are her greatest assets. She was assigned several projects for one of our signature programs. To further enhance the marketing efforts of that program, on her own accord, she asked for permission to approach her professor to incorporate a marketing piece as a class project. The project was approved and was completed as part of a class assignment. This is just one example of how Taylor makes an emotional connection with projects assigned to her while striving for perfection. Her overall job performance has earned her the utmost respect of the Chamber staff."

-Linda Stotler, 

Vice President Communication and Marketing 

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